DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
• Microphone Preamp w/+48V Phantom Power
• Channel Strip Style Processing w/Pitch Correction, Compression, Lexicon
Ambience, & More
• High-Quality, Customizable Two-Part Vocal Harmony Generation
• Studio-Grade Vocal Effects, Including: Lexicon
Reverbs, Delays, Doubling, Pitch
Shifting, Modulation, & Distortion/Filter Effects
• dbx
Advanced Feedback Suppression
• Latest musIQ
Technology & Internal Analysis Mic
• Live Adapt™ for Real-Time Adaptive Control of Noise Gating, Pitch/Harmony
Key, & Effect Tempo
• Sound Check for Easy Auditioning & Setup of Effects
• Guitar Input for Classic MusIQ Harmony & Pitch Generation & Optionally
Mixing the Guitar Signal to the Live Harmony's Outputs
Built-In Guitar Tuner
• Selectable Guitar Effect + Reverb
• Guitar Thru Jack for Sending the Unprocessed Guitar Signal to Your Own
Guitar Rig
• 70 Second Mono Phrase Looper (35 Seconds w/Undo)
• 99 User & 99 Factory Presets
24-bit/44.1kHz Audio Quality
• Easy-To-Read Backlit LCD Display
• USB Port for Firmware Updates & Preset Management
• Vocalist Live Librarian Preset Management Software for Mac & PC
Included Items
• Vocalist Live Harmony Processor
• Power Supply
• Quick Start
The utmost care was taken while manufacturing your Live Harmony. Everything
should be included and in perfect working order. If anything is missing or damaged,
please contact your dealer at once.