DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
Loop Undo
This system parameter is used to turn the Loop Undo function on and off. When
turned on, overdubs recorded using the Live Harmony’s built-in Phrase Looper can
be undone on-the-y by simply pressing and holding the <Down> footswitch for 2
To edit the LOOP UNDO setting:
NOTE: If you currently have a loop recorded, you must clear the loop before
changing the following setting. To clear a loop, enter Loop mode by pressing and
holding the <Down> footswitch. Now, press and hold the <Up> footswitch to
clear the loop.
1. Press the <System> button.
2. Press the <DATA> encoder twice to navigate to page 3/6 within the System
3. Turn the <Edit 3> knob to select the desired setting.
4. Press the ashing <System> button to exit the System menu.
NOTE: The Loop Undo option will determine the maximum allowable loop
recording length. The below table shows how this setting will affect the available
loop recording time.
Maximum Loop Recording Time
Loop Undo On
35 Seconds
Loop Undo Off
70 Seconds