DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
Operating The Live Harmony
This section of the manual describes how to navigate and use the various features of
the Live Harmony.
Gold Channel Effects
The "Gold Channel" effect processing section is the rst effect module in the signal
chain and provides channel strip style processing. The Gold Channel is comprised of
the following 8 effects: Tube Warmth, Compressor, Pitch Correction, Ambience, EQ,
De-Esser, Gate, and Low Cut. These effects provide the sonic foundation for your
vocal sound and are used as the front end on all presets.
To globally bypass/enable the Gold Channel effects:
1. Press the <Gold Channel> button. When the Gold Channel button is lit, the
Gold Channel effects are enabled. When the button is not lit, these effects are
To edit Gold Channel settings:
1. Press and hold the <Gold Channel> button. The <Gold Channel> button
will begin ashing and the LCD display will now display the Gold Channel effect
2. Start singing into the microphone or use the Sound Check feature (see "Sound
Check" on page 19
for further information). Turn the <DATA> encoder to
select a Gold Channel TYPE. Think of these "Types" as precongured setups of
Gold Channel parameters. Once you've selected the Gold Channel TYPE which
is close to the sound you are after, you can ne tune the settings by turning the
corresponding <Edit> knobs.
3. Press the <DATA> encoder to navigate the various pages within the Gold
Channel menu and use the corresponding <Edit> knobs to make any further
parameter adjustments.
4. When nished editing, press the <Gold Channel> button to exit.
NOTE: Changes to Gold Channel effect parameters do not need to be stored to
a preset, since these effects are global and independent of presets.
Any changes made to Gold Channel Types are automatically remembered. This
lets you setup different custom channel strip settings and easily switch between
them. You can always revert back to the factory default settings for any of the Gold
Channel types if necessary.