DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
5. Press and hold the <HARMONY 1> button to edit the parameters for the
rst harmony voice.
6. Using the <DATA> encoder, select the desired harmony VOICING.
7. Adjust the HUMANIZE parameter until the desired amount of separation and
realism is achieved.
8. Adjust the GENDER parameter to determine the amount of gender effect to
apply to the harmony voice or set it to "Off" for no gender effect.
9. If listening in stereo, adjust the PAN parameter to place the generated harmony
in the stereo eld.
10. Fine-tune the GAIN parameter until the harmony effect blends well with the
lead vocal. If the desired mix cannot be achieved, try exiting the Harmony menu
and adjust the harmony AMOUNT parameter by turning the <HARMONY
LEVEL> knob.
11. For two-part harmony, repeat this process for the second harmony voice using
the <HARMONY 2> button.
HINT: From the Preset screen, turn the four knobs below the LCD display to
quickly adjust the overall harmony level, voice 1 and voice 2 intervals, and the
desired key/scale.