DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
Thank you for choosing the Vocalist
Live Harmony by DigiTech
. The Live Harmony
is a feature-packed vocal harmony and effects processor. It incorporates a high-
quality mic preamp, two-part harmony generation, studio-grade vocal effects, pitch
correction, dbx
Advanced Feedback Suppression, the latest musIQ
with Live Adapt™, a built-in phrase looper, and much, much more. This combination
of features and sound quality provide professional, studio quality effects and
intelligent harmony generation for vocalists performing live.
The Live Harmony begins with a global channel strip processing chain, referred to
as the “Gold Channel” effects. This global set of 8 effects is used across all presets,
providing the sonic foundation for your vocal sound. The Gold Channel effects
comprise: Warmth, Compression, Pitch Correction, Lexicon
Ambience, 3-Band EQ,
De-Essing, Noise Gating, and Low Cut.
The harmony section offers full control over two voices of next-generation
harmony, making it possible to ne-tune the level, gender, pan, and harmony type
of each voice. In addition, the Vocalist Live Harmony includes the most important
effects for enhancing a vocal performance, including: Lexicon Reverbs, Delays,
Doubling, as well as various Pitch, Filter/Distortion, and Modulation effects. All
effects are easily enabled and edited thanks to dedicated buttons, a full graphics LCD
display, and four soft knobs.
One of the most signicant features of the Live Harmony is Live Adapt™. Live Adapt
uses the internal analysis microphone or Aux In jack to provide automatic, real-time
effect tempo adjustment, smart gating of non-vocal signals (internal mic only), and
intelligent pitch and harmony generation using the detected key of the music.
For the guitarist who wants to travel light, the Vocalist Live Harmony includes a
guitar input for mixing your guitar signal to the Live Harmony's outputs and/or
for generating the harmony and pitch key. You can even apply built-in guitar effects,
including: anger, vibrato, chorus, reverb and more. Or just use the guitar input for
vocal harmony and pitch key generation and use the Guitar Thru jack to send your
guitar signal out to your own personal guitar rig.
Three rugged footswitches provide preset A/B part selection, preset navigation,
global effects bypass, and hands-free control of the built-in phrase looper.
The rear panel boasts all the necessary connections for the performing singer,
including a USB port for rmware updates and preset management using the free
Vocalist Live Librarian software for Mac
and PC.
With a quick-access user interface, two-part harmony generation, a plethora of
studio-quality effects, dbx Advanced Feedback Suppression, and state-of-the-art
processing technologies, the Live Harmony gives you the tools you need to take
center stage with condence.