DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
Factory Reset
This system parameter resets all system settings and user presets to their factory
default state.
WARNING! Performing the Factory Reset procedure will delete stored presets. It
is recommended that you backup presets using the Vocalist Live Librarian preset
management software before performing this procedure.
To initiate the Factory Reset procedure:
1. Press the <System> button.
2. Press the <DATA> encoder ve times to navigate to page 6/6 within the
System menu.
3. Turn the <Edit 1> knob to initiate the Factory Reset procedure.
4. You will receive a conrmation prompt. Turn the corresponding <Edit> knob
to make your selection; "Yes" to proceed with Factory Reset, "No" to cancel
the procedure. If conrmed, the Factory Reset procedure will be performed
then the LCD display will return to displaying the currently loaded preset.