DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
A/B Footswitch Conguration
Each preset has two parts, referred to as “A” and “B”. Vocal effects can be
independently enabled or disabled in each part. This feature can be helpful for
applying dynamic effects within a song without having to navigate presets, such as
enabling delays, distortion, or harmony effects on certain words or vocal phrases.
These parts are toggled using the A/B footswitch. The A/B menu item allows you to
congure how the A/B footswitch will operate. The selectable options are:
With this option selected, A/B parts will toggle with each press of the A/B
With this option selected, part B will be selected for as long as the A/B
footswitch is held down. As soon as you lift your foot, part A will once again be
With this option selected, the A/B footswitch can switch between "Toggle" and
"Momentary" operation on-the-y. Quickly pressing the A/B footswitch will
toggle between A and B parts. If the A/B footswitch is pressed and held, the
switch will act as a momentary switch, switching back to the previous state
once released.
To change the A/B footswitch conguration setting:
1. Press the <System> button.
2. Turn the <Edit 2> knob to select the desired setting.
3. Press the ashing <System> button to exit the System menu.