DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
When this option is selected, the Distortion/Filter effect is applied to the
delayed vocal only (the Delay effect must be enabled to hear this option).
When this option is selected, the Distortion/Filter effect will be applied to
the lead vocal, delay, harmony, and doubled voices.
FILTER (0-99)
This parameter adjusts the characteristics of the band-pass lter. The change in
lter frequencies from 0 to 99 will depend on the currently selected distortion
DISTORT (0-99)
This parameter adjusts the amount of distortion introduced into the signal
path, with 0 being the minimum (no effect) and 99 being the maximum.
To dial in the Distortion/Filter effect:
1. Press and hold the <FX> button to enter the edit menu.
2. Sing into the microphone (or use the Sound Check feature, see "Sound Check"
on page 19
3. Select one of the Dist/Filter effects using the <DATA> encoder.
4. Ensure the AMOUNT parameter is set high enough to hear the effect.
5. Adjust the ROUTING parameter to select which part of the signal will be
processed by the Distortion/Filter effect.
6. Toggle through the Distortion/Filter TYPEs, using the <DATA> encoder, until
you nd the desired TYPE.
7. Adjust the DISTORT parameter for the desired amount of distortion.
8. If you wish to change the characteristics of the distorted sound, try adjusting
the FILTER parameter to emphasize different frequencies.
9. Fine-tune the AMOUNT parameter until the desired effect balance is achieved.