DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
Rear Panel
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1. Aux In Jack
Connect a portable music player or the outputs of a mixer to this stereo
1/8" jack. Audio from an external device plugged into this jack can be used
either for Live Adapt and musIQ analysis or the audio can be mixed in with
the vocal signal at the line and XLR outputs.
NOTE: Whenever a device is connected to the Aux In jack, it will be used
for Live Adapt features instead of the internal microphone. For harmony
and pitch adaptive functions, priority is rst given to the Guitar In jack
if a connection is present. Second priority is given to the Aux In jack if a
connection is present. If no connection is made to either the Guitar In
or Aux In jacks, the internal mic will be used to gather the data for pitch
and harmony generation. See "Live Adapt™" on page 20 for further
2. Input Gain Knob
This knob controls the input gain of the Mic/Line In jack.
3. Mic/Line In Jack
This combination jack accepts a microphone or line-level signal. Connect a
microphone using an XLR connection to use the Live Harmony's internal
mic preamp. +48 Volt phantom power can be enabled in the System menu
for condenser microphones which require it. Connect using a 1/4" balanced
TRS connection when connecting the line output of an external mic preamp
to the Live Harmony.
4. Guitar In Jack
Connect your guitar to this 1/4", unbalanced TS jack. The guitar signal will be
used by musIQ for harmony generation instead of the internal analysis mic
or Aux In jack. Use the GTR SENSITIVITY and GTR XLR LVL parameters
found in the System menu to adjust your guitar input and output levels. See
"GTR Sensitivity" on page 36 and "GTR XLR LVL" on page 36 for
further information on these parameters.