DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
Aux In Conguration
The AUX system parameter determines whether or not the audio signal from the
Aux In jack will be sent to the outputs. The selectable options are:
Selecting this option will mute the Aux In signal so that you will not hear it in
the Live Harmony's outputs. Select this option to use the Aux In jack with Live
Selecting this option will mix the Aux In signal with the processed vocal signal
at the Live Harmony’s output stage. Select this option when you wish to
monitor the signal plugged into the Aux In jack, such as when connecting a
portable music player.
To edit the AUX setting:
1. Press the <System> button.
2. Press the <DATA> encoder three times to navigate to page 4/6 within the
System menu.
3. Turn the <Edit 3> knob to select the desired setting.
4. Press the ashing <System> button to exit the System menu.
NOTE: Whenever the Aux In jack is connected to an audio source, it will be used
for Live Adapt features instead of the internal microphone.