DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
The Live Harmony has 99 user presets and 99 factory presets. The type of preset
loaded can be identied by the letter preceding the preset number in the LCD
display. For example, "U01" would signify "User" preset 1 and "F04" would signify
"Factory" preset 4. From the factory, the user and factory presets are identical. The
difference is that factory presets cannot be overwritten and user presets are meant
to be overwritten. You can load and edit either a user or factory preset as a starting
point and then store it to a user preset location.
Any changes made to effect parameters – with the exception of the Gold Channel
effects – must be stored to a user preset to be retained. Changing these parameters
will cause the Store button to light, indicating that changes have been made to the
preset and must be stored. If the preset is changed or the unit is powered down
before the changes have been stored, the changes will be lost.
Presets can be selected using either the DATA encoder or the Up/Down
footswitches. Using the DATA encoder allows for quick navigation through presets,
while using the Up/Down footswitches navigate one preset at a time and provide
hands-free control.
Navigating between the user and factory presets is straightforward. When user
preset 99 is reached, advancing to the next preset up will select the rst preset
of the factory preset bank. And when factory preset 99 is reached, advancing up
will select the rst preset of the user preset bank. The same type of preset bank
navigation occurs when navigating downward through presets.
To select a preset with the DATA encoder:
1. From Preset mode (this is the normal operating mode), rotate the <DATA>
encoder clockwise to move up through presets.
2. Rotate the <DATA> encoder counter-clockwise to move down through
NOTE: Presets can load automatically or manually using the DATA encoder. See
"Preset Load" on page 37 for more information on this feature.
To select a preset with the UP/DOWN footswitches:
1. Press the <Up> footswitch to select the next preset up.
2. Press the <Down> footswitch to select the next preset down.
NOTE: Pressing and holding the <Up> or <Down> footswitches will perform
secondary functions assigned to these footswitches, as indicated by the screening
on the chassis.