DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
5. Guitar Thru Jack
The guitar signal received at the Guitar In jack is passed through this 1/4",
unbalanced TS jack and can connect to other guitar effects or the input of an
amplier. The Guitar effects built into the Live Harmony are not passed out
this output.
NOTE: The Vocalist Live Harmony needs to be the rst device in any
guitar effects chain.
6. Ground Lift Switch
This switch can be used to eliminate most hum and noise caused by ground
loops created when connecting the Live Harmony to both a PA system via
the XLR outputs and a guitar amp using the Guitar Thru jack.
7. Left/Right Out Jacks
These balanced XLR outputs provide either a mono or stereo mix of
your lead vocal, harmony voices and effects, and guitar signal with effects.
The signal level coming from these outputs could be described as a “hot”
mic-level signal. It should be compatible with both the mic input of a mixer
(with the mixer input trim turned down somewhat) and with a line input on
the mixer (with the mixer trim set higher). See "Stereo" on page 35 for
information on conguring the Live Harmony outputs for mono or stereo
8. Headphone/Line Out Jack
This is a 1/4" stereo TRS output and can be used for headphones or for
connecting to the line-level inputs of another device. This output carries
the same mix that is presented at the XLR outputs. When the outputs
are congured for mono operation, both left and right channels will be
mono-summed and stereo imaging will be lost.
9. Footswitch Jack
Plug an optional DigiTech FS3X Footswitch to this jack for full-time control
of the Live Harmony’s built-in Phrase Looper. You can also connect a volume
or expression pedal to this jack for continuous control of various vocal
effect parameters. For more information, see "FS3X Footswitch Control"
on page 31
and "Volume/Expression Pedal Control" on page 32.
10. Power Jack
Connect only the included power supply to this jack. The Live Harmony can
only be powered using the included external adapter.
11. USB Port
Connect a Mini USB cable from this port to your computer to use the
Vocalist Live Librarian software (available for Mac and PC) for preset
management and rmware updates.