DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
Sound Check
If you've ever tried adjusting vocal effects while singing then you know that it can be
difcult to properly judge the changes due to the fact that you can hear your own
voice inside your head. The Sound Check feature resolves this issue by allowing you
to record a vocal loop (pre-effects) that you can then playback through the Gold
Channel and Vocal effects. This provides an easy way to audition and ne-tune all
effect settings without having to sing into the microphone while making adjustments.
If you have your guitar connected to the Guitar In jack and wish to use the built-in
Guitar effects, you can also select to record your guitar using the Sound Check
feature, so you can dial in your guitar effects using the same easy method.
To use the Sound Check feature:
1. Press the <Sound Check> button. The display will read “RECORD PHRASE
(LEFT FOOTSWITCH)” and the <Down> footswitch LED will begin ashing.
2. Turn the Record Guitar feature on or off by turning the <Edit 2> knob.
3. Press the ashing <Down> footswitch to begin recording. The display will read
4. When you are nished recording, press the <Down> footswitch again to stop
recording and begin playback of the Sound Check loop.
5. Proceed with editing effects as outlined in the section, "Vocal Effects" on page
6. When you have nished making edits, press the <Sound Check> button to
exit and disable the Sound Check feature.
7. Store the preset to retain the changes. See "Presets" on page 26 for further
information on storing user presets.
NOTE: A loop recorded using Sound Check will be erased when the Sound
Check feature is exited or when the power is disconnected.