DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
Pitch Type Option Description
Robo Robot type effect with no pitch correction.
Reso Resonator effect with no pitch correction.
Resobo Robot and resonator with no pitch
Space Resonator and pitch sync modulation.
Alien Pitch sync modulation and formant shift.
Pixel Pixel effect.
Growl Emulates growl at loud onsets.
Mod 20 Pitch sync modulation = 2 pitch periods.
Mod 25 Pitch sync modulation = 2.5 pitch periods.
Mod 30 Pitch sync modulation = 3 pitch periods.
Mod 35 Pitch sync modulation = 3.5 pitch periods.
Mod 40 Pitch sync modulation = 4 pitch periods.
Mod 50 Pitch sync modulation = 5 pitch periods.
Mod 60 Pitch sync modulation = 6 pitch periods.
Mod 70 Pitch sync modulation = 7 pitch periods.
Mod 80 Pitch sync modulation = 8 pitch periods.
FX LVL (0-99)
This parameter adjusts how much of the selected pitch effect TYPE will be
added to your vocals, with 0 being the minimum (no effect) and 99 being the
maximum. Note that the SHIFT and GENDER parameters will not be affected
by this control.
KEY (Chromatic, Scalic)
Determines whether the selected pitch effect follows chromatic scaling
(irrespective of key or scale being sung) or if it uses diatonic shifting and
follows the KEY set for the harmonies. You can set this parameter manually or
enable the adaptive "PITCH" feature in the Live Adapt menu. When adaptive
PITCH is enabled, the Adapt icon
will appear next to this parameter and
the parameter will adapt as the detected music key changes. For information
on using Live Adapt, see
"Live Adapt™" on page 20. The following table
provides a description of each available KEY option.
Pitch Key Option Description
The algorithm will use the chromatic scale
to determine pitch.
The algorithm will use the key set for the
harmonies to determine pitch. When this
option is selected, the set harmony key will
be displayed in the LCD display above the
KEY parameter). For information on setting
the harmony key, see "Harmony 1 & 2"
on page 54.