DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
Effects Bypass
During performance there will be times when you want to bypass all effects when
speaking to the audience between songs. The Live Harmony has a global Effects
Bypass which will bypass all Vocal and Guitar effects within the currently loaded
preset. Effects Bypass only bypasses specic Gold Channel effects (i.e., Pitch Correct,
Ambience, and Noise Gate).
To bypass/enable all Vocal effects:
1. Press and hold the <Up> footswitch until the LED above the footswitch lights
and the display reads, “EFFECTS BYPASSED”.
2. Press any footswitch or effect button to exit the Effects Bypass function and
re-enable the Vocal effects.
The Live Harmony uses dbx AFS
(Advanced Feedback Suppression) to actively
monitor and kill feedback before it becomes a problem. In live situations where
feedback is possible, enable AFS by simply pressing the <Anti-Feedback>
button – the button will turn green, indicating the Anti-Feedback feature is active.
The Anti-Feedback button has three color coded states to let you know it’s working,
they are:
Green LED
Indicates the AFS feature is enabled.
Amber LED
Indicates AFS is actively notching feedback frequencies.
Indicates all AFS lters have been set. When all lters have been set and a new
feedback frequency occurs, AFS will release the rst set AFS lter in order to
place it at the new feedback frequency location. AFS lters can be cleared by
simply pressing the <ANTI-FEEDBACK> button twice (once to disable
Anti-Feedback and again to re-enable it). AFS lters are also cleared when the
Live Harmony is power cycled.