DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
Preset Load
When selecting presets with the DATA encoder, this system parameter determines
whether Live Harmony presets are loaded using a one step or two step process. The
selectable options are:
With this option selected, presets will automatically load as they are selected
with the <DATA> encoder.
With this option selected, presets will require you to select the preset using
the <DATA> encoder then press the <DATA> encoder to manually load
the preset. This option is useful for eliminating accidental preset changes with
the DATA encoder. If you stop on a preset when using the Manual option
and don’t press the <DATA> encoder, the preset will revert back to the
currently active preset after approximately four seconds.
NOTE: The Preset Load parameter does not affect preset changes using the Up
and Down footswitches.
To edit the PRESET LOAD setting:
1. Press the <System> button.
2. Press the <DATA> encoder twice to navigate to page 3/6 within the System
3. Turn the <Edit 1> knob to select the desired setting.
4. Press the ashing <System> button to exit the System menu.