DigiTech Live Harmony Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Owner's Manual
EP Parameter, Min, & Max
These system parameters select which vocal effect parameter you would like to
control using an optional volume or expression pedal and set the min and max
settings for the pedal's toe up and toe down positions. These parameters are not
global parameters and do require you to store them to a preset in order to be
EP Param
This option selects which vocal effect parameter will be controlled via a
connected volume or expression pedal. A list of available parameters can be
found in the table at the end of this section.
This parameter sets the minimum allowable value for the volume or
expression pedal’s toe up position.
This parameter sets the maximum allowable value for the volume or
expression pedal’s toe down position.
To edit the EP PARAM, MIN, and MAX settings:
1. Press the <System> button.
2. Press the <DATA> encoder four times to navigate to page 5/6 within the
System menu.
3. Turn the <Edit 1> knob to select the effect parameter you wish to control.
4. Turn the <Edit 3> knob to select the desired MIN setting and the <Edit 4>
knob to select the desired MAX setting
5. Press the ashing <System> button to exit the System menu.
6. To store the changes, press the <Store> button and perform the preset
storing procedure. See "Presets" on page 26 for further information on
storing user presets.
NOTE: For maximum exibility when performing, the EP Parameter controls in
the System menu are stored as part of the current preset. This allows you to
control different effect parameters or change the min/max limits depending on
the preset. Remember to store any changes made to the EP parameters to the
corresponding preset using the <Store> button.
Vocal Effect Parameters Available for Expression Pedal Control
EP Parameter Minimum Selectable Value Maximum Selectable Value
Harmony Amount 0 99
Harmony Voicing 1 8D 8U
Harmony Voicing 2 8D 8U
Harmony Gain 1 -12 12