DigiTech RP360 Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

RP360 / RP360 XP
A perfect combination of clarity and grit� The Blues amp cuts through but doesn’t get too
muddy as the gain is turned up�
The DigiTech Fuzz tone is based off of the fuzz tone of the late '60s English bands, with our
own twist� Thus making the DigiTech Fuzz ideal for everything from '90s grunge to todays mix
of music�
A bright and punchy clean sound that can be driven for a bit of edge� At home with funk or any
tone that needs some spanking�
2101 Clean
The DigiTech GSP2101
has become an iconic preamp/processor for many players over the
years� After years of requests from players, we have brought the sounds back from their glory
days� The 2101 Clean captures the warmth and brightness while being able to drive it hard to
produce a nice warm clean sound with grit�
2101 Saturated
The sound of the GSP2101 preamp provides a mild to over the top gain without getting a
muddy sound� A perfect tone setting for all types of music�
The Crunch is just that, a tube head that crunches more than the rest� The Crunch has extra
gain and cuts through� Perfect for both rhythms and solos�
The DigiTech Monster was created on an operating table in a European castle with one thing
in mind – full-on, dimed-out, molten-metal gain� This is the perfect setting for death metal or
the “Norwegian” sound�
(Based on a Tweed preamp w/Blackface poweramp)
Imagine combining two of the greatest Fender
amps into a single beast� That’s what we have
done with the Tweedface� Take the preamp of the classic Tweed Deluxe
and combine it with
the output stage of the Blackface Twin Reverb
and here is the monster you get�