DigiTech RP360 Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

RP360 / RP360 XP
The RP360 and RP360XP represent the next generation of guitar effects processors from DigiTech
With 85 stompbox pedals, 54 amplifier models, and 26 cabinet models, the tonal-creation sky is the
limit! Up to 10 effects can be used at a time and they can be placed in any order, giving you complete
control over shaping your tones and effects�
99 factory presets allow you to familiarize yourself with all the effects the RP has to offer and give you
starting points for creating your own sounds fast! 99 user preset memory locations let you store all
your favorite sounds for later recall�
Use the built-in 40-second phrase looper to write leads over your rhythm parts or enhance your live
performance� The Sound Check feature lets you record a loop and play it back through the internal
effects chain, so you can easily audition and edit effects without having to constantly strum your guitar�
The outputs can be configured for mono or stereo operation� And the 1/8” headphone output lets
you practice whenever, wherever� Connect a portable music player to the 1/8” aux input to practice
along with lessons, learn your favorite songs, or play along with the built-in drum machine to hone
your timing skills�
Connect the USB port to a Mac
or PC for recording directly to your favorite DAW (Digital Audio
Worksation) or for preset management using the free downloadable Nexus editor/librarian software�
With a rugged, stylish design, a vast library of amps, cabinets, and effect pedals to choose from, and
tons of flexibility and features, the RP360 and RP360XP processors were designed to look and sound
Thank you for choosing DigiTech�