DigiTech Bass Whammy Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Bass Whammy™ Pedal. Designed specifically
for bass, the Bass Whammy offers DigiTech’s latest pitch shifting technology, classic Whammy
pitch bending effects, and true bypass operation. The added Classic/Chords switch toggles
between single note and chordal Whammy modes, providing rock solid pitch shifting effects.
The Bass Whammy interface features the same legacy Bass Whammy pitch bending options you’re
accustomed to along with some additional pitch bend settings from its guitar counterpart.
Whammy Pitch Bending Effects
Classic Whammy Interface
Classic/Chords Switch
True Bypass Operation
MIDI In for Remote Control of Whammy Effects
Included Power Supply
Included Items:
Bass Whammy Pedal
Power Supply
Warranty Registration Information Card
If anything is missing, please contact the factory at once.