Yamaha MG20XU Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Easily adaptable to a diverse range of installed and
portable applications, the 16- and 20- channel models
of the MG Series included rack ears, giving you the
option of a rack-mounted or desk-top configuration.
Extremely durable, their sleek design makes safe,
stable placement of your console hassle-free, keeping
setup time and effort to a minimum.
The main stereo outputs feature XLR
type connectors that lock to prevent
accidental disconnection. Rugged and
dependable, these professional con-
nectors ensure providing stable signal
transmission even in the most demand-
ing environments.
Metal Chassis
Rack Mount Kit Included
(MG16 / 20 / 16XU / 20XU)
XLR connector Options
Built to last, MG Series mixers feature a rugged, impact-resistant, powder-coated
metal chassis, offering an unrivalled level of durability. With a sleek design con-
toured for optimal convection cooling, the internal layout separates the power sup-
ply from the analog circuitry for superior noise reduction, and further extends the
life of the components inside. To further ensure reliable performance, knob control
placement above the surface of the chassis diverts any impact or pressure on the
knobs to the chassis itself and not the circuit board or components underneath.
Thanks to a highly-efficient internal universal power supply, MG Series consoles
offer worry-free operation in any region around the globe—even in environments
prone to potentially damaging power fluctuations. An internal power supply also
simplifies rack mounting of the console for installed applications, eliminating the
need for a bulky adapter or additional connections.
Internal Universal Power Supply
(MG12 / 16 / 20 / 12XU / 16XU / 20XU)
Rack Mount Kit RK-MG12
(MG12 / MG12XU)
Mic Stand Adaptor
(MG06 / MG06X / MG10 / MG10XU)
Foot Switch
(MG10XU / MG12XU / MG16XU / MG20XU)
For gigging, recording, and installed applications alike, your console can be subjected to a
wide range of environmental conditions and hazards. Excessive humidity, unstable power sup-
plies, and the rigors of road travel in general can take a serious toll on a mixing console, often
causing expensive, time-consuming repairs, and reducing its lifespan. The MG Series has been
redesigned with an emphasis on durability, incorporating practical features that offer greater
flexibility while ensuring peak performance for many years to come.
Built to last