Yamaha MG20XU Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Yamaha has always strived to provide sound engineers with the purest possible signal
instead of added processing or color to give it a “signature” sound, and the MG Series is
no exception. Embracing this philosophy of transparent sound, these mixing consoles de-
liver a level of sonic purity and sound quality that is unmatched in their class.
Head of the class
This is where it all starts. Everything you do as a sound engineer is dependent on the
quality of your preamps, which determines the direction your mix will take, and ulti-
mately how good it is going to sound. MG Series mixing consoles feature Yamaha’s
studio-grade discrete class-A D-PRE preamps, which utilize an inverted Darlington
circuit comprising two cascading transistors in a configuration that provides more
power with lower impedance. Delivering fat, natural sounding bass and smooth, soar-
ing highs, with very low distortion, D-PRE preamps possess an impressively wide
frequency range that allow them to handle signal from any audio source without overly
amplifying any specific elements of the sound. Having such a pure sonic platform to
build on will ultimately save you time and effort by eliminating the need for excessive
EQing or additional effects processing in order to “fix” your mix.
The head amp determines sound quality, and op-amp integrated circuits are one of the most
important parts in the head amp circuit. MG Series mixers feature new, high-quality, custom-
made MG01 op-amps that we developed in cooperation with the semiconductor manufac-
turer. Although many other Op-amps prioritize electrical design and efficiency, we worked
directly with the semiconductor manufacturer to focus on sound quality first. MG01 op-amps
feature redesigned circuitry in which even the internal components and wiring have been
optimized, and use materials such as high-quality silicon wafers and copper wire to achieve
superb resolution.
With phantom power, MG Series consoles allow you to take
full advantage of the greater frequency response and high
sound quality of condenser microphones. The input chan-
nel with PAD switch accepts MIC to line level of inputs, PAD
Switch attenuates high input signals that often accompany
mic’ed instruments during performance, avoiding the clipping
that can seriously affect your mix.
D-PRE Discrete Class-A Mic Preamps
High Quality Sound Op-amp Switchable Phantom Power & PAD Switch
Darlington circuit
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