Yamaha MG20XU Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

No. Program Parameter No. Program Parameter No. Program Parameter
1 REV HALL 1 Reverb Time 9 EARLY REF Room Size 17 CHORUS 1 LFO* Freq
2 REV HALL 2 Reverb Time 10 GATE REV Room Size 18 CHORUS 2 LFO* Freq
3 REV ROOM 1 Reverb Time 11 SINGLE DLY Delay Time 19 SYMPHONIC LFO* Freq
4 REV ROOM 2 Reverb Time 12 DELAY Delay Time 20 TREMOLO LFO* Freq
5 REV STAGE 1 Reverb Time 13 VOCAL ECHO Delay Time 21 AUTO WAH LFO* Freq
6 REV STAGE 2 Reverb Time 14 KARAOKE Delay Time 22 RADIO VOICE Cutoff Offset
7 REV PLATE Reverb Time 15 PHASER LFO* Freq 23 DISTORTION Drive
8 DRUM AMB Reverb Time 16 FLANGER LFO* Freq 24 PITCH CHANGE Pitch
All models feature high-quality Neutrik™ balanced XLR con-
nectors on mono microphone/line channels and XLR equipped
stereo channels. Each of the mono inputs is equipped with
combo jack and accepts both MIC and LINE level signals.
Two of the stereo inputs are equipped with XLR and two phone
connectors with XLR accepting MIC level signals while two
phone connectors accepting LINE level signals and can be
used either mono or stereo. (except for 10ch model) The func-
tion of another two stereo channel vary depending on model:
With 20ch model, XLR accepts MIC level signal and two RCA
connectors accepts LINE level signals and can be used either
mono or stereo. With 16ch and 12ch models, two phone con-
nectors accept LINE level signals as stereo. Additionally, each
of the stereo channel features 2TR in (RCA connectors) and
can be used as independent input from external audio sources
such as CDs. 10ch is equipped with additional stereo chan-
nel with a pair of phone jack that accepts LINE levels. With XU
models, any incoming source that are sent via USB can be
assigned to one of the stereo channel.
In addition to the main stereo outputs (XLR L/R, TRS phone L/
R), MG Series mixing consoles are equipped with a compre-
hensive suite of output connectors, including GROUP OUT
phone L/R), and HEADPHONE OUT (stereo phone) connec-
tors, allowing master outputs to be chosen to suit specific
applications such as monitoring or mastering.
Easy-to-read LED level metering allows output levels to be
monitored with precision.
For musical and non-musical applications alike, effects processing adds polish and professionalism to the mix. The MG X / XU
models features Yamaha’s acclaimed SPX digital multi-effect processor, offering a comprehensive suite of 24 editable digital
effects perfect for enhancing your mix, whether adding depth to a speaking engagement or breathing new color and atmo-
sphere into a live band performance. In particular, the high-quality reverb and delay expand the spatial quality of the sound with
remarkable realism and naturalness. You can even connect an optional FC5 foot switch for effect on / off control. (MG10XU /
12XU / 16XU / 20XU)
Built-in SPX Digital Effects
A variety of input / output
[MG10XU / MG12XU / MG16XU / MG20XU]
When was the last time you heard guitar without EQ or a completely unprocessed vocal
on one of your favorite songs? Probably never. Yamaha mixers are famous for their flat
response and sonic purity, but it often takes more than a perfectly-captured instrumental
performance or vocal to achieve a professional-sounding mix. Equipped with some of the
same state-of-the-art functionality featured on Yamaha’s high-end consoles, the MG Series
gives you the tools you need to produce high quality sound that is uniquely your own.
Our mixer. Your sound.
LED level metering
MG06X features six SPX effects (REVERB HALL / ROOM / PLATE, DELAY SHORT / LONG / VO.ECHO), which are not editable.
* “LFO” stands for Low Frequency Oscillator. An LFO is normally used to periodically modulate another signal, using different waveform shapes and modulation speeds.
Compression plays an essential role in just about any
recording or sound reinforcement environment by altering the
level of dynamics of an audio signal when you need livelier
guitars, punchier bass lines, a tighter snare, or a cleaner vocal
sound. However, it can take countless hours to master the
complexities of even the most basic outboard compression
units and use them effectively. Originally a Yamaha innovation,
1-knob compressors are now an industry standard that gives
you instant access to optimized compression settings via a
single rotary control.
There’s nothing more useful than reliable equalization when you need nuanced management of your tone.
The MG Series benefits from Yamaha’s unparalleled experience in designing pro audio gear, featuring
3-band equalizers on all mono channels for precise control of your sound. High-pass filter allows you to
eliminate unwanted low-frequency noise, for a smoother, cleaner mix.
MG Series mixers feature up to AUX sends for expanding your sound reinforcement or recording setup,
allowing you to incorporate additional effects, output to external recording devices, or feed to an moni-
toring system. Master send controls are also provided. The MG06 / 06X and MG10 / 10XU have a single
stereo bus. All other models additionally feature one or two stereo group buses and outputs that can be
used for convenient channel grouping. Assign switches for the stereo and group buses are located next
to each channel fader.
1-knob Compressors
EQ and High-pass Filters
AUX / Effect Sends / Group
05 06