DigiTech Whammy Ricochet Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

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1. Power Connector
Connect the specified Harman power adapter (sold separately) to this jack. Be sure to use the
proper power adapter for your area’s mains line voltage. See “Specifications” on page 7
for power adapter model information. The Ricochet can only be powered using the external
power adapter. When powering the Ricochet with a multi-pedal power adapter, ensure the power
connection provides a minimum of 300mA of current.
2. Ballistics Knobs
This concentric pot consists of two knobs, SHIFT and RETURN. The SHIFT knob sets the rate at
which the incoming note will be pitch shifted to the selected interval when the effect is enabled. The
RETURN knob sets the rate at which the incoming note will return to its normal pitch when the
effect is bypassed.
3. Pitch Knob
Sets the interval of the pitch shifted note. Pitch will be shifted up or down depending on the position
of the RANGE switch.
4. Input Jack
Connect your instrument to this jack.
5. Effect Footswitch
Turns the effect on or off. This Footswitch can be configured for momentary or latched operation
using the MOMENTARY switch.
6. Output Jack
Connect this jack to the input of an amp or the input of the next pedal on your pedalboard.