DigiTech Whammy Ricochet Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Thanks for choosing the DigiTech
Whammy™ Ricochet effect pedal. The Whammy Ricochet takes the
popular Whammy pitch shifting effect and places it in a pedal with a small form factor. Instead of using a
treadle to manipulate pitch bending rate, such as those found on traditional Whammy pedals, the Whammy
Ricochet bends the pitch of the incoming note at a rate determined by the SHIFT and RETURN controls.
And thanks to a true bypass design, your tone remains unaffected when the effect is bypassed.
The Whammy effect can be turned on or off using the Footswitch, which can operate as a momentary
or latching switch. The TRAJECTORY LED ladder lights in sequential order to provide a visual indication
of pitch shifting rate and direction. The incoming note can be pitch shifted up or down by the following
• 2ND
• 4TH
• 5TH
• 7TH
To use the Whammy Ricochet pedal, select the desired pitch shifting interval with the PITCH control
then select the pitch direction with the RANGE switch. Set the Footswitch for momentary or latched
operation using the MOMENTARY switch. To audition the rise and fall rate of the pitch shifting effect, turn
the effect on/off using the Footswitch; adjust the SHIFT and RETURN controls so that the pitch effect
bends to and from the selected interval at the desired rate.
Pitch Shifting of up to 2 Octaves Up or Down
Ballistics Controls with Trajectory LED Meter
Switchable Classic & Chords Modes
Selectable Momentary or Latched Footswitch Operation
True Bypass
Compact Design
Solid Construction