Samsung samsung techwin Baby Monitor User Manual

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Getting Started
Voice activated (VOX)
Select to monitor significant sound with reduced ambient noise.
The screen goes off in “VOX” mode if there is no significant sound
louder than a certain level within 1 minute. Meanwhile, the monitor
screen turns on as soon as detecting sound around the camera. In
VOX” mode, you can set the sensitivity with [
] in menu.
• H(High) : Sets to higher sensitivity.
• L(Low) : Sets to lower sensitivity.
Sleep Mode
Press the [SLEEP] button to turn off the screen and save battery
power. Your monitor will continue to detect sound around the
camera. Press any button to turn the screen on again.
Out of Range
If the camera and monitor are not paired or if the monitor is outside
of transmission range with the paired camera, the “Out of Range
message appears with warning beeps at regular intervals.
Two-way talk
Press the [TALK] button while talking.
Sound level
The louder the sound around the camera, the more LEDs turn on.
Portable monitoring
Slide the belt clip upwards to use the integrated belt clip on the
monitor. When not in use, please push the clip back to its original
Night Light
Press the [ ] button on the camera or the [ ] button on
the wireless monitor to turn on/off night light.
Remote PTZ
You can remotely control the camera to pan, tilt and digitally zoom.
Use [
$/%/_/+] buttons on the monitor to control the camera.
Use [ ] from the menu to digitally zoom in.
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