Samsung samsung techwin Baby Monitor User Manual

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Viewing Mode Display
1. Press [MENU] button to enter the menu setting or exit the menu setting.
2. Move to other menu by press [_] or [+] button.
3. Adjust option level by [$] or [%] button.
4. Press [ ] button to save and complete.
` If no action more than 20sec, it will be time out back to monitor mode with save.
How to use the setup icon
a b e f g hc d
a Brightness
Adjusts the brightness of the image shown. If you are using multiple camera,
you can adjust the brightness of each individual camera.
b Camera VOX Sensitivity
If not in “VOX” mode, “OFF” is displayed and not to be selected.
In VOX mode, you can select “H” (High) or “L” (Low). If set to “H”, monitor can
be triggered by lower audio level than “L” setting.
c Pairing
You can register a wireless camera with the monitor using the registration menu
where you can view the video of the selected wireless camera.
d Zoom
Zoom in on the current image (2x).
If you are using multiple cameras, you can set the zoom for each camera.
e Select Camera to View and Scan Mode
Set which camera is being currently viewed. Each time a different camera is
selected, the Brightness, VOX Sensitivity Level, Camera Speaker Volume, and
Zoom settings will be saved to that specific camera.
If “SCAN” mode is selected, each of the registered cameras will be viewed in
ascending order at 10 second intervals. If one or more cameras are turned off
or out of range, the monitor will show the “Out of Range” indicator for the 10
seconds for that particular camera.
f Set Camera Speaker Volume
Adjust the volume of the speaker on the camera in this menu. The volume can
be adjusted from 1 to 5, with 5 being the loudest setting and 1 being the
quietest. If
is selected, no audio will be transmitted to the speaker when
the [TALK] button is pressed.
g Time Setting
Set the time shown on the monitor. Use the [_] or [+] button to select a field.
Use the [$] or [%] button to change the numbers in the selected field.
h Reset
Choose <YES> to reset the monitor to factory defaults. All settings including
time and paring information will be set to the factory defaults.
Enter menu
Move to a
Adjust level Save the
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