Samsung SNH-E6411BN Baby Monitor User Manual

Quick Start Guide for iOS Setup
Before you begin your SmartCam Setup, please:
Have your SmartCam and power adapter ready.
Have your iOS device available to download the SmartCam app.
Make sure you are within range of the same Wi-Fi network you’ll use for
your camera.
Have your Wi-Fi network password handy.
If you have questions or need help installing your SmartCam, please
contact our free technical support.
1-877-349-3149 (9am – 9pm EST, Mon – Sun)
Please visit for full user manual, mobile app
manual and FAQs.
Product Views For Setup
Use the following illustrations to familiarize yourself with the camera setup
parts. For a more detailed diagram, please see User’s Manual.
Power/Wi-Fi Status LED
2) MicroSD Card Slot (up to 32GB)
3) Wi-Fi Direct Button
4) Serial Number (S/N:)
5) Reset Button
6) Network Port (Used for wired
7) Power Input
User Account Setup
Before you begin setting up the camera, you must create an user account.
Follow these easy steps to register your account.
iOS Wireless Camera Setup
Continue with camera setup by following the app wizard instructions.
SmartCam Control Guide
Once setup is complete and live video appears on your iOS device, tap the
screen to display the SmartCam tool bar. This chart serves as a reference
to navigate onscreen controls and customize your SmartCam experience.
Number Description
1. Manual Recording Tap to save streaming video onto the SD card
2. Capture Tap to capture and save a still image during monitoring
3. Two-Way Talk Tap to begin and end Two-Way Talk between mobile device and camera
3A. Microphone Button During Two-Way Talk, press Mic Button on screen to talk, release to listen
4. HQ Tap to view the highest video quality available
5. Melody Tap to view and choose melody selection to play through camera
6. Brightness Control Tap to adjust screen image brightness
7. Flip Control Tap to flip screen image vertically or horizontally
8. Motion Zone Select
Tap to enable Motion Zone Select by drawing up to three boxed areas on your screen for
motion alerts in only those specific areas
9. Audio Message
Tap to record up to 10 messages to be played through the camera speakers
10. Information Tap to display current audio and video information
Record your SmartCam information here:
Account Registration
USER ID: ______________________
8-14 letters or letters with numbers
Example: johnsmith
USER PASSWORD: ____________
10-14 letters and numbers combination
Example: smartcam123
Camera Registration
CAMERA NAME: _______________
1-20 letters and/or numbers
Example: LivingRoom
1-8 letters and/or numbers
Example: 1234
You have now successfully completed the SmartCam setup.
Search for "Samsung
3. Open the app. 4. Tap <Create new
5. Tap <Start>. 6. Enter User ID,
Password, valid
Name and e-mail
Tap <Register>.
7. Tap <Next> to
register your
1. Go to the App Store
from your iPhone or
a b dc e
test test
Back Back
f g h i j
1. Tap <Wireless
Connect the power
and press Wi-Fi
button on the back
of the camera.
7. Enter your Wi-Fi
network password
and tap <Next>.
8. When the LED light
turns green, you
will automatically be
directed to Step 9.
9. Create Camera
Name & Password.
1-20 letters and/or
Password: 1-8
letters and/or
3. Exit SmartCam app
by pressing the
home button.
Find the last 4 digits of your
SmartCam serial #, then
enter password “smartcam”.
Return to SmartCam app.
6. Select your Wi-Fi
10. If you want to
begin viewing
live video, select
<No>. If you
want to continue
selecting setting
preferences, select
11. Select your Time
Zone and then tap
Enable motion and/
or audio detection to
receive event alerts
on your devices.
4. Go to your phone
settings. Select
<Wi-Fi> settings.
7 6
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