DigiTech Ventura Vibe Musical Toy Instrument User Manual

Thanks for choosing the DigiTech® Ventura Vibe stereo vibrato/rotary pedal. The Ventura Vibe was
designed for the selective guitarist who wants the highest quality vibrato/rotary effects in a compact
package. The Ventura Vibe provides such distinguishing features as 3 versatile effects, true bypass,
constant high voltage operation, and true stereo processing, making the Ventura Vibe an essential
addition to the signal chain of players who know about sound quality and demand the utmost in
performance with superior tone and control.
The Ventura Vibe’s effect are:
Vintage Vibrato (based on the legendary Uni-Vibe®)
Modern Vibrato
To use the Ventura Vibe pedal, enable the effect with the Footswitch (the LED will light when the effect
is enabled). Set the MIX control to the 3 o’ clock position. Select the desired vibrato/rotary type with
the TYPE switch. Adjust the TONE, DRIVE, DEPTH, and SPEED controls to dial in the desired effect. Now
re-adjust the MIX control for the desired blend of wet and dry signals.
3 Effects in a Single Pedal
Effect Type Switch
Controls for Speed, Depth, Mix, Drive, & Tone
True Bypass
Stereo 1/4” Inputs & Outputs w/ True Stereo Processing
Constant High Voltage Power Rails
Effect On/Off LED Indicator
Soft Touch Vacuum Switch
Included StompLock™ & Pedalboard Hook & Loop Pad