Philips SCF213 Breast Pump User Manual

Express more. Quickly.
Enhanced efficiency from a manual breast pump
A manual breast pump offers you total control of the suction level and pumping rhythm.
The unique Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump assures you enhanced efficiency, being
clinically proven to express more milk than a hospital electric pump.
Clinically proven effective*
Patented Let-down Massage Cushion
Flexible and portable
Easy to assemble and use
Stimulate and Express
Gentle vacuum mimics baby's suckling for steady milk flow
Soft massage cushions trigger natural let-down, like baby.
Benefits and features:
With insulated travel bag and cool packs
Manual breast pump
Out and about set
With insulated travel bag and cool packs
Gentle-draw vacuum
Patented Let-down Massage Cushion
Soft massage cushions