Mattel P7943-0726G1 Baby Toy User Manual

Please remove everything from the package and compare to the contents shown here.
If any items are missing, please contact your local Mattel office.
Keep these instructions for future reference as they contain important information.
• Make sure 6 new “AA” (LR6) batteries are installed in kitten. Turn power switch to “ON” (I).
• The audio program on the included CD must be placed in a CD or DVD player or CD or DVD equipped
computer with external audio speakers to play.
• Once the audio program begins, AND the “ON/OFF” switch is turned “ON” (I) and the toy is correctly placed
in front of audio speaker, kitten will respond to signals hidden in the audio program.
While FACING THE SPEAKER, Kitten responds with head and tail movement, dancing, standing, pouncing,
and crawling, plus sounds and phrases. Kitten will respond best when less than 2 meters (6 feet) away from
the speaker.
• If child removes toy to another location while audio program is in progress, kitten will automatically return to
Manual Mode after 2 minutes (120 seconds).
When child returns toy within 2 meters (6 feet) from the audio speaker, kitten will again respond to the audio
program. If the child squeezes kitten’s RIGHT front paw, scratches her furry white chest, or strokes the top of her
back, kitten will return to KITTEN ManualMode.
• The kitten will not respond to earphones and other small or quiet speakers.
• Make sure 6 new “AA” (LR6) batteries are installed in kitten. Turn power switch to “ON” (I).
• Toy will respond fully in manual mode when the included audio CD, “Miette™ Story & Song CD”, “Barbie™
and the Three Musketeers” DVD (not included), and selected content are not playing.
Works best on smooth, flat surfaces. Thick carpets are not recommended since carpet does not provide
firm surface for movement.
DVD sold separately and subject to availability.
This toy will only respond to the included audio CD, “Miette™ Story &
Song CD”, “Barbie™ and the Three Musketeers” DVD (not included), and
selected content.
My kitten is not following along with the DVD/CD.
• Make sure you have switched the toy from “Try Me” mode to its normal setting.
• Make sure the kitten is not in sleep mode (see “wake-up” section below).
• Adjust volume, if volume is too soft or too loud, kitten may not interact properly.
• Make sure you are not interacting with Kitten in “Kitten” Manual mode, kitten will not interact with
audio/video interactive mode at the same time you are interacting with kitten by pressing its RIGHT paw, etc.
Give kitten a moment to “catch up” with her cues from the CD/DVD.
• Make sure you have set the DVD to play the correct audio track under the Set Up menu option.
My kitten follows along with the DVD/CD, but the responses she gives seem to be missing/incorrect.
• Check the placement of your kitten. For best results, place kitten so it is facing the audio speakers. Ideal
distance is 1 to 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) from speaker. Make sure there are no obstructions between kitten and
• Excessive background noise may prevent kitten from “hearing” the CD/DVD correctly. For best results, play
with kitten in a quiet area with CD/DVD at a medium volume.
My kitten’s movements are slow and the voice doesn’t sound right.
• Make sure 6 new “AA” (LR6) Alkaline batteries are installed in kitten and power switch is turned “ON”.
NOTE: When the toy does not respond or the speech becomes slow or garbled, change the batteries.
How do I “wake up” my kitten while it is in sleep mode?
• Squeeze kitten’s RIGHT front paw, scratch her furry white chest, or stroke the top of her back.
My kitten does not interact with the content on .
• Kitten will not work with internal laptop speakers or other small computer speakers. External powered audio
speakers will be required so she can respond properly.
My kitten will not respond to my Portable DVD player.
• Kitten will not work with the small speakers found in most Portable DVD players; try using external powered
audio speakers with these devices to get the kitten to interact properly.
My kitten is not interacting with the movie on Broadcast TV.
• It will not interact with the movie on TV Broadcast – only on DVD with the correct audio selection
To reset this toy if it malfunctions, switch power OFF and then back to ON position.
© 2008 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tous droits réservés.
Protect the environment by not disposing of this product with household waste (2002/96/EC).
Check your local authority for recycling advice and facilities.
Turn ON/OFF switches to “OFF” (O) in toy when finished with play.
Hereby, Mattel declares that this toy is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of
Directives 1999/5/EC, 89/336/EEC, 88/378/EEC. Suitable for use in all EU member states. A copy of the Declaration of
Conformity may be obtained from Mattel UK Ltd.
ON (I) —
OFF (O) —
Includes 6 AA batteries.
Batteries included are for demonstration purposes only.
For longer life use alkaline batteries.
Dispose of batteries safely.
Mattel Canada Inc., Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3W2. You may call us
free at 1-800-524-8697.
Mattel U.K. Ltd., Vanwall Business Park, Maidenhead SL6 4UB.
Helpline 01628 500303.
Mattel Australia Pty., Ltd., Richmond, Victoria. 3121.Consumer
Advisory Service - 1300 135 312.
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Diimport & Diedarkan Oleh: Mattel SEA Ptd Ltd.(993532-P) Lot 13.5, 13th Floor, Menara Lien Hoe, Persiaran Tropicana Golf
Country Resort, 47410 PJ. Tel:03-78803817, Fax:03-78803867.
Mattel, Inc. 636 Girard Avenue, East Aurora, NY 14052, U.S.A. Consumer Relations 1-800-524-8697.
Need Assistance? Visit or call 1-800-524-8697
(US and Canada only), M-F 9AM - 7PM & SAT 11AM - 5PM, Eastern.
In ‘CD, DVD and COMPUTER’ Interactive Mode
In ‘KITTEN’ Manual Mode
In ‘AUDIO/VIDEO’ Interactive Mode
In exceptional circumstances batteries may leak fluids that can cause a chemical burn injury or ruin your product.
To avoid battery leakage:
• Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged.
• Rechargeable batteries are to be removed from the product before being charged (if designed to be removable).
• Rechargeable batteries are only to be charged under adult supervision (if designed to be removable).
• Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.
• Do not mix old and new batteries.
• Only batteries of the same or equivalent type as recommended are to be used.
• Batteries are to be inserted with the correct polarity.
• Exhausted batteries are to be removed from the product.
• The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.
• Dispose of battery(ies) safely.
• Do not dispose of this product in a fire. The batteries inside may explode or leak.