LeapFrog Connections Train Baby Toy User Manual

This guide contains important information.
Please keep it for future reference.
Follow the musical beat
with this interactive
drum that introduces
the alphabet
and counting
from 1-10.
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Dear Parent,
We at LeapFrog know that you are your child’s
most important teacher. Our goal is to help you
build an environment for your child that is rich in
experiences—one that encourages discovery and
fosters learning success.
Babies and toddlers are discovering the world for the
first time. That is why we develop learning toys that
introduce critical discovery skills, including color and
shape recognition, fine motor skill development, and
social play. They come in playful colors, with engaging
features that will captivate your child's imagination.
LeapFrog™ learning toys are designed to grow alongside
your child through each stage of development. All are
made with the same playful spirit that promotes a
lifelong love of learning. For additional information on
how to make learning fun and effective, visit our Web
site (www.leapfrog.com), where you’ll find tips from
parents and educators. We hope you’ll join us there.
Tom Kalinske
LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.
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Animal Globe
Learning Band
Fridge Farm
Magnetic Animal Set
Learning Connections
6+ months
9+ months
12+ months
9+ months
Parent Guide &
Learning Skills
Gross Motor
Music and positive feedback
encourage baby to tap the
drum and develop gross
motor skills.
Changing letters, numbers
and patterns stimulate
baby's visual development.
Introduces alphabet and
number sequence and
helps develop baby's
memory skills.
Introduces infants and
toddlers to the letters of
the alphabet, which are the
building blocks of language.
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