Graco 9640 Crib User Manual

© 1999 Graco 361-10-99
Congratulations on your purchase of a
Pack N Play
Graco is the recognized leader in the design
and manufacture of quality baby products.
We believe your new Graco
Pack N Play
Bassinet is a wise choice, promising many
hours of enjoyment for your baby.
Your Pack N Play
may be used as a
playard, portable crib or bassinet.
Customer Satisfaction
Our goal is to make every product the best
it can be! We are also committed to supporting our
products after purchase. If you would like to speak
to Graco about your product, please contact our
Customer Service Department at 1-800-345-4109
or visit our Internet website,
Our knowledgeable staff will be ready to answer
any questions you may have concerning parts, use
or maintenance. When you call, please have the
model and serial numbers ready so your call
may be processed quickly and efficiently.
Models 9045, 9046, 9346, 9640,
9643, 9716, 9726, 9741, 9743,
9745 & 9746
Model No. _________
Serial No. _________
Dear Customer,
Please fill in the model and serial numbers
above from the label in the center of the
bottom of your new Pack N Play Bassinet.
Pack N Play
Read all instructions BEFORE
assembly and use of this product.
Keep instructions for future use.
We recommend that you keep these instructions
with your Pack N Play. A storage pocket has been
provided for them on the bottom panel of your unit.
Failure to follow these warnings and the assembly
instructions could result in serious injury or death.
Setting Up the Pack N Play
Keep fingers clear of top corners during setup.
Be sure Pack N Play is completely set up before use.
Check that the four top rails are completely latched, the
center of the floor is pushed down, and the mattress is
flat and secured by the
straps. Always follow
the instructions in the owners manual to set up the
Pack N Play.
When using the bassinet make sure
underneath mattress firmly attach to bassinet mesh.
Before each use, inspect this product for damaged
hardware, loose joints, missing parts or sharp edges.
Do not use Pack N Play if any parts are missing
or broken. Call 1-800-345-4109 for replacement parts
or owners manual. Do not substitute parts.
Using the Pack N Play
The Pack N Play can be used as a playard, bassinet or
sleeping crib. When used as a playard, never leave child
unattended and always keep child in view. When used as
a sleeping crib or bassinet, you must still provide the
supervision necessary for the continued safety of your
Always keep the Pack N Play away from hazards in the
area that may injure your child.
Do not add padding or other objects inside the Pack N
Play that will permit your child to climb out.
Stop using this product when your child reaches
35 inches (890 mm) in height, weighs more than 30
pounds (14 kg), or is able to climb out.
Do not modify Pack N Play or add any attachments
that are not listed in the owners manual, including an
add-on bassinet.
Using the Bassinet
Use bassinet with only one child at a time.
The bassinet must be fully assembled and installed,
including top rails, snaps and bottom pad, before using.
Discontinue using your bassinet if child weighs over
15 lbs. (6.8 kg), can roll over, or can push up on hands
and knees.
Never place a child under the bassinet.
DO NOT store the bassinet in the Pack N Play
while in use. Store rails in pocket in the bassinet.
Never use a canopy with bassinet installed.
Avoiding Suffocation Hazards
Unlike cribs that have rigid sides, the Pack N Play and
the bassinet have flexible sides. As a result, the Pack N
Play mattress is specially designed to prevent suffocation.
The Pack N Play mattress has a solid base, a certain
length and width, and is less than one inch thick in order
to meet safety standards. Using a thicker or a different
sized mattress may allow a childs head to get between
mattress and the side of the Pack N Play or bassinet
causing suffocation.
To help prevent suffocation from entrapment,
Never use additional mattress or padding.
Never use plastic shipping bags or other plastic film as
mattress covers not sold and intended for that purpose.
They can cause suffocation.
Do not use a water mattress with the Pack N Play.
Avoiding Strangulation Hazards
Strings and cords can cause strangulation. Keep strings
and cords away from child.
Do not place the Pack N Play near a window where
cords from blinds or drapes can strangle a child.
Do not hang strings on or over the Pack N Play.
Do not place items with a string around a childs neck,
such as hood strings, pacifier cords, etc.
Do not attach strings to toys.
This product is not intended for commercial use.
Failure to follow these warnings and
instructions could result in serious injury or death.
To Set Up Your Pack N Play
Step 1.
Undo the three VELCRO
straps. Fold VELCRO
back onto themselves.
Set mattress aside.
Step 2.
center of floor UP
until all four top
rails are latched.
Grasp the bottom of two
of the top rails, and pull
up until you hear a click.
Be sure top rails
have become rigid.
If not, pull up again
until they are rigid.
Top rail
FOR SMOOTH SETUP and takedown, its
important to remember one thing: the center
of the floor must be at least halfway up when
locking OR unlocking rails (see picture below).
When setting up, lock rails
BEFORE lowering center.
When taking down, raise center halfway
BEFORE unlocking rails.
Step 3.
Pull up the other two sides
until they latch.
If top rails do not latch,
lift the center of the floor
higher. Center of floor
must be at least halfway
up for the latches to
catch properly.
Be sure all top rails are
Step 4.
Hold one end of the
unit up and push the
center of the floor down.
Setting up the Pack N Play
is easy,
once you know how: