Combi 3210 Stroller User Manual

Read all instructions BEFORE assembly and USE of product. KEEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE
USE. Record the following information for quick reference. Note: Illustrations are only representative and not actual.
Attach copy of sales receipt.
Parts List
Name of Parts
Make sure you have all the parts listed below before using your stroller. If any parts are missing,
call Consumer Affairs at 1-800-992-6624.
1 Handle Grip
2 Carry Strap
3 Folding Levers
4 Canopy With Mesh Window
5 Seat Cushion
6 Canopy Lever
7 Canopy Holder
8 Waist Belt
9 Armrest
10 Guardrail
11 Basket
12 Folding Latch
13 Foot Rest
14 Swivel Lock Lever
Fabric Pattern ____________________________________________________
Located on the rear right leg.
Attach copy of sales receipt.
Combi USA, Inc. 1962 HWY 160 W, Suite 100 Fort Mill, SC 29708
Consumer Affairs 1-800-992-6624
STS-2 Stroller
3210 Series
Instruction Manual
Date Purchased: _______________________________ Model Number: 3210 - _______ Color ___________________________________________________
Front Wheels
Rear Wheels
Main Body